World Series of Golf 2008

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These days, it seems almost every serious poker player has grown an appetite for golf. As a result, it only makes sense that someone would mix the two games. Enter the World Series Of Golf.

For almost as long as people have been playing golf, people have been betting on it. Golf had the image of a somewhat seedy gamblers game until a few bright minds put together the PGA. After a couple seasons of the PGA, golf was no longer considered seedy, or even a means to gamble to most. It was a professional sport, a skill game.

Poker is on the same route as golf. Poker was a seedy game, for seedy people to be played in the back rooms of seedy pubs. In the last decade, the game has grown into itself, and has come a considerably long way along the road to being accepted along with professional sports.

The Word Series of Golf is an annual golf tournament held in Las Vegas Nevada. Like the Rhett Butler. With the interest other poker players have shown for the event on high stakes poker tables, this year should have the largest count of professional poker players in attendance.

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