Unknown player Isildur1 banks $347k

who is it
Isildur1's true identity is unknown.

With the biggest and most feared players online either logged out or playing 7-Game, unknown players have begun filling the empty seats at the high-stakes tables.

Last night online player Isildur1 sat for a total of 3,477 hands across multiple six-max and heads-up tables ranging in stakes from $25/$50 to $200/$400.

Playing a mix of No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha, Isildur1 managed to finish his night with an impressive profit of over $347k.

The biggest pot of the night, worth $92k, saw Isildur1 lose his stack to a player named DjAdi after getting it all in on a set-up flop.

This pot ended up being the deciding factor in his match against DjAdi, with Isildur1 finishing $54k down.

Isildur1 also lost the second largest pot of night playing $100/$200 PLO against CardRunners pro Haseeb Qureshi. Qureshi flopped the best hand with his top-set of queens, and never looked back.

The players got it all in over three streets, the last $30k going on after Qureshi rivered the big full.

Despite winning a pot worth almost $78k, Qureshi took a brutal beating over his 750 hand session. In the end Isildur1 walked away with more than $345k of Qureshi's money.

Below you can see the three biggest pots of the night, or you can find your way to MarketPulse to see the rest of them.

Set-up Flop.

The hand just kept getting better.

Not what he had in mind, but it worked.

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