Tom "durrrr" Dwan wins his biggest online pot

Tom Dwan

It was a durrrrific day for high-stakes poker today, as Tom "durrrr" Dwan won his largest online pot of all time, but Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond was sitting to his right with $1.3 mil in play.

The table in question was absolutely ripe with action: durrrr, Urindanger, LokolsBack, OMGClayAiken and everyone's favorite fish elmariachimacho. Galfond had the money seat, sitting to elmarichimacho's left, and it looks to have paid off nicely, with reports of him leaving the table with over $2 million in chips.

Even with Galfond sucking up so much of the action, durrrr managed to take down his largest online pot of all time, worth a total of $657,070.

Click play to watch the hand play out, or read the history below.


Game: $500/$1,000 - Hold'em Table: GusHeaven (six-max) Players: Urindanger, LokoIsBack, elmariachimacho, OMGClayAiken, durrrr Date: Dec. 6, 2008 8:23:11 ET Hand ID: 9349853309

Table Setup
Urindanger: Seat 1 - Stack size: $622,432
LokoIsBack: Seat 2 - Stack size: $108,329
elmariachimacho: Seat 4 - Stack size: $212,530
OMGClayAiken: Seat 5 - Stack size: $1,215,079
durrrr: Seat 6 - Stack size: $327,787
elmariachimacho posts small blind of $500.
OMGClayAiken posts big blind of $1,000.  

Dealing down cards.
durrrr raises $3,000.
Urindanger raises $10,500.
LokoIsBack folds.
elmariachimacho folds.
OMGClayAiken folds.
durrrr calls $7,500.  

Flop [A 7 4]
durrrr bets $17,600.
Urindanger raises $44,200.
durrrr calls $26,600.  

Turn A 7 4 [K]
durrrr bets $71,200.
Urindanger calls $71,200.  

River A 7 4 K [6]
durrrr bets $201,887.
Urindanger calls $201,887.
durrrr shows 4 4.
Urindanger mucks.
durrrr wins $657,070.

When one player starts dishing out serious action, as elmariachimacho did here, the whole table can become action-crazed, allowing pots to grow larger than they might have otherwise. Even so, Urindanger and durrrr have a detailed high-stakes history, and a tendency to play with an extremely high level of aggression.

Although we never get to see Urindanger's hand, we can be sure he had something worth getting it all-in with. Against durrrr that can be any marginal to strong hand.

On this board, with the action, chances are Urindanger was holding A-K for a top two, losing only to a set. If that is the scenario, Urindanger would get it all-in here every time on this board, regardless of how deep the stacks were.

If you want to watch the action yourself, download and sign up to full tilt, or head over to our MarketPulse section to keep an eye on the action.


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