Sunday Scoop: mypokerf Adds Sunday Million Title

Martin Staszko
Martin Staszko

Apparently winning the Super Tuesday tournament on PokerStars wasn’t enough for online player mypokerf because he took down the Sunday Million yesterday.

The Russian outlasted 462 players on Tuesday to win $60,000. He did one better last night by outlasting 7,004 players and taking down $210k.

It was a particularly busy Sunday for online poker with millions being awarded on sites like PokerStars, Titan Poker and 888poker.

We’ve got details on some of yesterday’s biggest tournaments below.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

The second biggest tournament on Sundays, the $500k GTD Sunday Warm-Up on PokerStars, drew an impressive field of 3,468 runners.

Among the players to buy-in were Team PokerStars pros Martin Staszko, Stavros “IDOLLS” Kalfas, Richard Toth, Mickey Petersen and George Lind III.

Greek pro Kalfas made it the furthest before finally hitting the rail in 98th place for nearly $1,000.

Australian MISHELA proved to be unstoppable as he/she beat MrBarrett82 heads-up to claim the ultimate prize - $108,896.

Here are the complete final table payouts:

1. MISHELA - $108,896
2. MrBarrett82 - $82,151
3. stotaku - $57,222
4. westy1983 - $39,882
5. roo_400 - $29,478
6. checktrap11 - $22,542
7. KojGysto - $15,606
8. bigdogpockt5s - $8,670
9. Olya2Ace - $5,548

PokerStars Sunday Million

Russian mypokerf won both the Sunday Million and Super Tuesday this week to cash for nearly $300k on PokerStars.

It’s not as if the field was all fish either as Kevin “Stammdogg” Stammen, Christophe De Meulder, Shane “Shaniac” Schleger, Kevin “Wizard of Ahhs” Thurman, Randy “nanonoko” Lew, Adrienne “talonchick” Rowsome all paid the $215 to play.

The 7,004 players combined to create an overall prizepool of $1.4 million. In a slightly unusual turn of events there was no chop at the final table and when mypokerf beat jonyctt heads-up, he secured the entire first place prize of $2010k.

Here are the complete final table payouts:

1. mypokerf - $210,124
2. jonyctt - $154,606
3. Troubaduren - $112,064
4. mmoreno9 - $74,242
5. rubencito30 - $57,432
6. Danstah8 - $43,424
7. Nile1 - $30,117
8. micide - $16,809
9. vanbizzo - $10,856

PokerStars Sunday 500

Randy Lew
Randy "nanonoko" Lew

Romanian never4getbet didn’t forget to bet on his way to the top of the PokerStars Sunday 500.

Never4getbet made a heads-up deal with U.K. pro Daniel “danisking” Carter that saw Carter take down $64k while the Romanian, who eventually won the tournament outright, picked up $71k.

PokerStars' elite tournament drew 877 players including Matthias De Meulder, Andre Akkari, K_0_S_T_Y_A, Mike “Timex” McDonald, Shaniac, Angel Guillen, Toni Judet and nanonoko.

Here are the complete final table payouts:

1. never4getbet - $71,000
2. danistheking - $64,935
3. Bompa1 - $42,534
4. MistheMan - $31,791
5. rickwaa - $22,100
6. RobVem - $17,540
7. jarekk - $13,155
8. grekos1981 - $8,770
9. coroco75 - $5,262

iPoker $200k Guaranteed

Online player dontfoldsuited outlasted 1,033 players to take down the biggest prize on the iPoker network, which includes Titan Poker, Poker and William Hill Poker.

With the overall prizepool hitting $206k, dontfoldsuited snagged the biggest chunk by coming first for $35,122.

The tournament attracted seasoned online pros FCBSpacey, browndog0 and Assissinat0.

Here are the complete final table payouts:

1. dontfoldsuited - $35,122
2. LoLdonkZZZ - $25,825
3. mingingharder - $19,606
4. XXahurazorXX - $14,048
5. hazmania22hh - $10,226
6. createluck - $8,160
7. sweetann9908 - $6,094
8. VacheEspagnole - $4,028
9. TTR147257555 - $2,231

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