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Climbing up the ranks in online poker can be a very rewarding experience. At Everest Poker it has become even more rewarding with the poker site's new VIP Summit Club rewards program.

Everest Poker recently announced that the new Summit Club had been launched, touting it as one of the richest and most comprehensive player loyalty programs in the online poker industry.

Through the VIP Summit Club, players at Everest Poker are now eligible for unlimited, continuous benefits based on their level of play. That includes the opportunity to convert Summit Points into cash - up to $5,000 per month.

Other key components of the program include:

  • Bonus Summit Points, up to 750%
  • Priority customer service
  • Live tournament registration

All it takes to enroll in the VIP Summit Club is for a player to log into his Everest Poker account and go to the "My Account" section. Once there, just click on the "VIP button," and agree to the terms and conditions. After that, the player is enrolled.

From that point on, his VIP Summit Club tier will be set at the beginning of each calendar month based on the Summit Points he earned in the prior month. The tiers break down as follows:

Tier Points Required
Base Camp 500
Camp I 3,000
Camp II 10,000
Camp III 20,000
The Death Zone 30,000
The Summit 50,000

If you earn at least 500 Summit Points during the month you enroll, then you'll start receiving your tier benefits on the first day of the following month.

For example, if you earn 556 Summit Points in November, you'll have Base Camp benefits for the month of December. When Jan. 1 comes up, you'll be placed in a new tier based on how many Summit Points you earned in December.


Your benefits are guaranteed for one month for each tier except the Death Zone and the Summit tiers.

Players in the Summit or Death Zone levels are guaranteed not to fall for three months, so once you're there you won't fall out of that status for the next three months no matter how many (or how few) points you rack up.

So what are these benefits you'll get as a VIP Summit Club member? At the heart of the program is the ability to convert Summit Points into cash. As you move up in tiers, you gain more Bonus Summit Points, and you gain the ability to convert more of them directly to cash.

Each tier also has its own Summit Points bonus rate, so the higher up you are, the more points you earn as well. Here's how it breaks down:

VIP Tier Bonus Rate Monthly Points-to-Cash Limit
Base Camp 250% 12,500 points to $50
Camp I 500% 62,500 points to $250
Camp II 600% 187,500 points to $750
Camp III 650% 250,000 points to $1,000
The Death Zone 700% 500,000 points to $2,000
The Summit 750% 1,250,000 points to $5,000

Other benefits include bonuses for referring friends, freeroll eligibility, exchanging Summit Points for live tournament buy-ins and more.

For more information about this and other promotions up for grabs, visit Everest Poker.

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