Smith sidesteps Sebok backside tattoo

Gavin Smith

Affable poker pro Gavin Smith is, by his own admission, taking it on the chin from Joe Sebok on their show Prop Bets. As a small consolation in the latest episode, however, he manages to avoid taking it on the keester.

The premise for Prop Bets: Poker pros and friends Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok make outrageous bets with each other and film the ensuing hilarity.

Some of the already completed challenges: Who can eat the most fajitas, and who can last longer in the ring with female Muay Thai fighters.

The latest: Who could last longer in the recent L.A. Poker Classic?

The winner, again: Sebok, who's now up a rather dominating 5-0 in the series.

The unfortunate consequence for Smith this time, however, wasn't just a chunk of his own cash. It was a chunk of his own flesh.

The two had agreed on the loser tattooing the winner's initials on his rear end, and made their way to fellow pro Shawn Sheikhan's Las Vegas tattoo parlor to indelibly ink Smith's losing streak on a swath of his own skin.

Sebok gloated. Smith waffled. Sebok laughed.

And, in the end, they reached a compromise.

Smith still left with Sebok's initials inked, but not where originally agreed.

And as Smith sat, semi-dumbfounded by his stinging flesh and growing losing streak, you could tell it was taking its toll. However, he still managed to buck up and send a message to the kids out there.

"I've had happier days," Smith said. "... but when you make a bet. And you lose a bet. You pay a bet."

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