Sick hand vaults Farkye up LAPC leaderboard

Kofi Farkye
What Kofi Farkye and Kevin Saul did on Sunday wasn't even poker.

Antonio Esfandiari is chip leader at the LAPC but the man of the hour is youngster Kofi "redsoxsox" Farkye.

Farkye took down an utterly donkstrikerous hand near the end of Day 2 to finish second in chips overall.

It would take quite a hand to eclipse the story that is developing around Esfandiari, the former Los Angeles Poker Classic champ who is attempting to make a return to poker relevance with a strong showing in this event.

But Farkye's last-minute battle with Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul is the stuff of online legend.

Exhibiting the sort of "repopping the live donks" fearlessness that made him a thorn in the side of such alleged donkeys as Dan Shak during the WPT's Season 6 North American Poker Championship in Niagara Falls a year and a half ago, Farkye took a $375k pot from Saul late on Day 2 and vaulted his way to the top of the leaderboard.

With blinds at $500/$1,000, the hand began with Saul raising to $3,500 over the top of an early-position limper. Farkye, on the button, re-upped to $10k flat and the limper folded out.

Saul repopped to $27,000 and Farkye opted to flat-call. The flop came K T 6.

BeLOWaBOVe led out for $35,000 and redsoxsox made it $80k to go. Saul moved all-in over the top for $164,000 total and Farkye, with about $175k in his stack, made the call.

The hands, then: Farkye turned up K J for a barely excusable top pair, weak kicker. Saul, meanwhile, turned up 8 5 for eight-high, no pair and no draw.

The 4 on the turn gave the boy a gut-shot draw, but the K on the river gave Farkye trips and the pot, busting Saul in what will likely be the strangest hand we see all tournament.

Farkye ended the day with $391,000, just $14k behind Esfandiari's $405,000.

The Magician, meanwhile, returns to the site of his 2004 triumph looking for a repeat performance, and put in an impressive five levels on Sunday.

Esfandiari vacuumed up chips throughout the day, seemingly managing to pace the field without playing any really notable pots.

Meanwhile, compatriot Phil Laak would not be so lucky, joining Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Erik Seidel and Vanessa Rousso among those eliminated on Day 2.

A total of 170 players survived Sunday's carnage and will return to the fore on Monday at noon Pacific Time to play out another five levels. Among those still in contention are Bertrand Grospellier, defending champ Phil Ivey, Paul Wasicka and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

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