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Thousands of online poker players are now able to play on their mobile devices after RedKings Poker launched its 3G Mobile Poker Client at the start of the month.

"With crisp graphics and easy-to-use in-game controls, you will get the full RedKings Poker experience anytime, anywhere," said a RedKings Poker spokesperson. "This is truly poker on the move!"

The mobile version of RedKings Poker will combine in-game controls and graphics to ensure a second-to-none poker experience, according to the poker site.

Players can use the normal PC-enabled Quick Seat feature and the new Join Table Guarantee, which will help them find an available seat at the tables more quickly. Mobile players will also be playing against both PC and mobile users so that there will always be thousands of players online to play against.


It's simple for players to get online with RedKings mobile poker.

"Almost anybody can play our mobile poker," said the RedKings Poker spokesperson. "All they have to do is open a poker account and download the software to their mobile phone."

The RedKings mobile software will work on a wide variety of phones. For those who'd like to check if their phone is one of them, head to RedKings Poker to find out. The poker site provides a full list of compatible phones as well as a guide on how to get started playing on your mobile phone.

Once players have the software downloaded to their phone, all they have to do is log in and begin playing. They can play for play money or real money in Limit, No-Limit and Pot-Limit games.

Other features include selecting the maximum number of players at the table and the stakes of the game, and selecting whether full tables should be visible in the lobby list.

If you're interested in reading more about RedKings Poker and possibly signing up, you can read our review of the site.


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