Rant: Mercier's $100k No-Booze Bet Must Be All-In or Fold

Jason Mercier
If it's about health, Mercier's not going far enough.

Just two-days before the fireworks exploded, people kissed their loved ones and the 2013 Rihanna calendars were shoved underneath mattresses all around the world, Jason Mercier used Twitter to put a feeler out to the world.

The subject: a no-alcohol bet for 2014.

The stakes: $100,000 or more.

Just a few days later Mercier wrote his first blog post of the year and, like so many bloggers, it focused on his personal goals for 2014.

Amongst the challenges he has set himself for the new year are to win three live tournaments, win another major title, start his own YouTube channel, write a book, start his own charity and help his brother and family purchase a new home.

Although Mercier didn’t set himself any specific health goals he does mention how difficult it will be to maintain the much healthier lifestyle that he has developed on his recent two-month break from poker.

“I will be trying to continue focusing on eating better, working out every day, and getting a reasonable amount of sleep nightly,” Mercier states.

But where is the no-alcohol goal in there?

Like Kevin Bacon Says, It's a No-Brainer

It doesn’t matter how much you hooch it up, any alcohol is a form of poison. I’m sure that you all think it tastes great, gives you a buzz, creates a feeling of warmth and fuzziness, lowers your inhibitions and helps you enjoy your social occasions more.

But it’s made out of the same shit you put into your car engine. Rotten food that when processed becomes ethanol.

It's a no-brainer.

It never ceases to amaze me how often people set goals to improve their health but continue to drink alcohol.

It’s a contradiction wider than the Grand Canyon.

When you drink alcohol you are poisoning your liver. This weakens the liver’s ability to function correctly and one of its tasks is to help reduce your levels of fat.

When you drink alcohol how is your eating schedule the day after? Do you sit down and eat a salad? Or do you reach for the phone and order your favorite take away?

Do you go to the gym and exercise or do you sit in front of the television set vomiting in a bucket?

Like Kevin Bacon says, "It’s a no brainer." If you want to set a goal to become healthier the first thing on your list must be to quit alcohol.

Why Stop at a Year?

Jason Mercier
Why stop at just a year?

So Mercier sets the bar at $100,000.

I spend my life helping people whose lives are ruined by alcohol. Not the brown paper bag types you see lying on street corners but everyday folk like you and me. Businessmen and women who cannot function without drinking 5-6 bottles of wine per week.

It annoys me to see a prop bet of this magnitude when people are sitting by their bed, with tears streaming down their faces, because they cannot kick this powerful drug. But if it stops Mercier from ever drinking again then I guess my annoyance will have to subside as it will probably mean he will live a longer life, and I like the kid so I wish him well.

But what’s the point? If he is going to stop for a year and then start again … really what is the point?

If that’s the case then I have to assume that the goal is purely for monetary gain. Which would be sad. But if Mercier is doing this to prolong his life and to show his body some love, then he cannot stop after a year.

This has to be "all-in" or "fold." The bet needs to be forever … not for a year.

There was a lot of debate over Mercier’s bracelet bets this summer and I have to admit it was a close-run thing. The odds between him winning or losing were tighter than a duck's arse.

Willpower alone won't cut it.

This is not even close.

No Way to Manage on Willpower Alone

If Mercier has a drinking problem i.e. He drinks too much… then there is no way he will manage to refrain from drinking for a whole year if he decides to do this on willpower alone.

The only way Mercier can win his bet is by working with someone like me who teaches you to quit for good. You cannot control alcohol. It controls you.

Nobody truly understands this until they try and do what Mercier is intending to do. To try and quit over a prolonged period of time only to return to it at a later date is a form of torture. It will drive you nuts.

If Mercier doesn’t have a problem with drink then the bet makes no sense. Nobody should take it because he will achieve it easily as he doesn’t have a problem with it.

Remember, you don’t believe in any of this alcohol controls you crap … you are the one in control. You can give up drinking at anytime.

So try it. But not for monetary gain. Give the $100,000 to the people who are struggling on a daily basis because this evil drug is destroying their lives.

Do something good with the money instead of blowing it at the tables.

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Lee Davy 2014-01-08 08:24:42

Trigs, I want to begin by saying this is a debate that will never end, because we obviously have very different points of view on this.

Alcohol is a mixture of various ingredients including ethanol which is effectively a poison. Because you have been brainwashed by society into believing that drinking is normal i.e. everyone does it so it must be, you cannot see the word 'poison' in the ingredients. In fact, I would go one step further and say you choose to ignore it because to acknowledge the fact that you drink poison seems a little weird.

Do you think taking a shot of heroin once a week is not a bad thing? What if your GP told you that by taking the shot it would actually reduce your blood pressure? Would you take the heroin shot, or perhaps just take a stroll down the beach and chill out?

I respect your right to drink, and I also respect Jason's. You think he is motivating himself not to drink when all I can see is a motivation to earn money. If he wanted to stop drinking it would be one of his 2014 goals.


Max 2014-01-06 10:11:16

"The only way Mercier can win his bet is by working with someone like me who teaches you to quit for good. . . "

Not sayin', Just sayin'

trigs 2014-01-06 07:28:48

"It annoys me to see a prop bet of this magnitude when people are sitting by their bed, with tears streaming down their faces, because they cannot kick this powerful drug."

mercier is not mocking or belittling alcoholics with this bet. in fact, it's obviously the opposite as he's trying to motivate himself to not drink. just because he's putting money on it doesn't mean he's doing something wrong or bad.

furthermore, why the hell does he have to stop drinking forever in order for this to be a good idea for him? a little alcohol here and there is not a bad thing (i.e. see one glass of red wine a day studies for example).

so if someone makes a food bet, are they mocking/belittling food addicts? if someone makes a fitness bet, are they mocking/belittling obese people? the approach you took in this article is completely unnecessary.

Martin 2014-01-06 02:33:28

Wow its inspiring. Its very rewarding just to quit alone, plus health benefit to live longer

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