Pros bowl for Main Event seat

Paul Wasicka

There are a lot of ways to get into the Main Event of the 2007 World Series of Poker without shelling out the full $10,000 buy-in. Online satellites and live satellites are running nearly round the clock, plus drawings for seats through sponsors and even the guy gathering up backers via eBay.

However, the most unique way to win a seat in the Main Event this year may go to a Wii bowling tournament.

Paul Wasicka, according to his blog on Saturday, spent a lot of time tracking down a Nintendo Wii to practice before a group of pros gets together Monday to play for a $10,000 WSOP seat.

The idea is that ten of them will put up $1,000 each on a game of Wii Bowling, with the winner coming out with the $10,000 prize pool to buy into the Main Event.

"I'm not exactly sure who's showing up, but I'm betting I'll be throwing against Daniel Negreanu, David Williams, and Gavin Smith for starters," Wasicka says in his blog.

Considering the pros he expects to show up are consumate prop betters, it's probably a good thing Wasicka spent time tracking down a system to get some practice on. It's a pretty safe bet the others have already put on their game face as well.

To read about Wasicka's quest for a Wii, visit his blog at .

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