PokerTek expands Heads-Up distribution

PokerTek takes WSOP-style heads-up game global.

Earlier this year PokerTek released its Heads-Up Challenge World Series of Poker Edition, dealer-less tables. Now the company has announced it is expanding distribution of the tables as well.

In addition to PokerTek's established network of 12 distributors in the United States and Canada, Cosmic Video Amusements has been selected to distribute the games to the United Kingdom and Ireland. PokerTek also entered into an agreement with the Gekay Sales & Service Company, which provides entertainment and games to U.S. military bases around the world.

Cosmic has more than 25 years' experience in the U.K. gaming industry and is eager to offer the product, according to a PokerTek press release.

"This is an exciting game for us and for our customers," said Terry Farr, Cosmic CEO. "Because Heads-Up Challenge is Texas Hold'em, which has become exceptionally popular all across the U.K. and Ireland, we believe that this table has a tremendous market potential for the amusement space."

Cosmic plans to feature Heads-Up Challenge at the ATEi amusement exhibition in London in January.

Gekay Sales and Service Company targets both commercial and military markets for coin-operated and amusement devices. The company's agreement with PokerTek focuses on the distribution of the tables to U.S. military bases around the world.

This will increase the table's profile worldwide as units have already been installed in locations in Canada and Australia.

"The instant success of Heads-Up Challenge has been phenomenal," said Joe Locke, owner of The Score Restaurant and Sports Bar in Grand Rapids, Mich. "Each week the game is growing more and more popular."

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