Poker tops Lycos search list again

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If there were any doubts about poker maintaining its popularity this year, they were dispelled with Lycos' release of its top 50 search terms for 2007. For the second year in a row, poker tops the list.

Lycos compiles a weekly list of top searched words on its site. Poker first made its appearance on the year-end list in 2004 as the 10th-most-searched term. In 2005 it climbed to fourth place for the year.

In 2006, poker saw a 434% jump in search activity to propel it to No. 1 on the search list. To get there it had to pass popular searches such as MySpace, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton.

Poker returned to dominate the search lists again in 2007.

"Propelled by the continued success of the Poker Top Search Word for Lycos in 2006

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