Poker pros to tee off on CBS

Erick Lindgren
Watch Lindgren tee off in the World Series of Golf.

What happens when poker and golf meet? The creation of the World Series of Golf, sponsored by Full Tilt Poker.

The World Series of Golf teed off for the second year in a row last month and now the competition will be heading to the television screen on the CBS network June 28-29.

This sport features golf with a twist as players make bets on each hole, and the goal isn't necessarily to play the best round of golf but to be the player who wins the most chips through the betting.

Golf has become a very popular sport among some of poker's top pros, and there were a few on hand to test out the World Series of Golf. Rhett Butler, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Erick Lindgren.

They joined other amateur golfers to vie for a first-place $250,000 cash prize. Poker fans and golf fans will get their chance to see the action in two, one-hour episodes.

"The World Series of Golf is about the personalities in the game, and our television broadcast focuses on an incredibly unique group of individuals," said Terry Leiweke, president of the World Series of Golf and NCAA football record holder.

"The players in our event are golfers that any average guy can relate to. They talk trash, they love to gamble, and on any given day, they could drain a twenty-foot putt with some real money on the line."

With a $10,000 buy-in, the event attracted amateur golfers from across the United States and Canada. Participants represented all walks of life, ranging from private equity investors and Las Vegas high rollers to electricians and construction contractors.

Some other notables who participated were actor and comedian Ray Romano, former major league baseball player Dusty Allen and Emily Jillette, wife of magician Penn Jillette.

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