PlayersOnly extends deadline for video contest

Raymond Davis
This guy is a player, are you?

If you wanted a shot at the $10,000 video contest that is currently running but haven't had time to put anything together then you're in luck.

PlayersOnly has decided to give amateur directors an extra week to polish their videos and send them in. Originally the deadline was this week but it has now been extended to March 15.

In case you haven't heard about the contest here are the details: Contestants were invited to submit video clips showing themselves and their friends demonstrating what it takes to be a "player." This could be emulating famous, or infamous, players or just plain making fun of wannabe players.

A video featuring PlayersOnly hostess, and Playboy/FHM model, Carrie Stroup which gives an idea of what they are looking for is already getting hundreds of views on Youtube.

There are already a couple videos that have popped up on Youtube for the contest including "How NOT to be a player" and "The Pretend Player."

Anyone can enter and all you have to do is post your video on

The winner, selected by Stroup, will receive $10,000 and a night out with Stroup all paid for by

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