Players exploit glitch at Betfair Poker

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Internet forums were buzzing this week with the news that players walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash from Betfair Poker because of a bug in the site's sit-and-go games.

Last weekend, after a software upgrade, players found that in Betfair Poker's Six Pack sit-and-gos, if everyone went all-in on the first hand, everyone at the table would get paid. The winner would get the normal first-place prize, but then everyone else would receive second prize.

According to several online sources and forums, once people discovered the glitch, they started registering for the $1,000 Six-Pack sit-and-gos on the site.

The players would then all go all-in on the first hand. The winner of the hand would collect the first-place money, and everyone else received the full second-place prize money.


It's estimated that hundreds of these sit-and-gos went off like this before Betfair Poker realized what was happening.

Players immediately tried to remove their money from the site via PayPal once the poker site caught on. Most of the players were caught and had their accounts frozen before the money could be withdrawn.

However, some players must have got their money out because the Telegraph in the United Kingdom reported today that a number of poker players received e-mails from the site calling for the return of the money.

"You recently received payments from playing Sit& Go STTs on Betfair Poker in circumstances that resulted in greater payouts than intended," the Telegraph reports that Betfair said in the e-mails.

According to the e-mail the games were incorrectly set up to pay everyone involved in certain all-in situations and this was exploited by the players involved to generate substantial returns in a short space of time.

"As I'm sure you can understand," Betfair Poker says in the e-mail, "the winnings received as a result of this exploitation must be returned."

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