Player wins largest bad beat jackpot at Absolute

The Spoils of War

Absolute Poker reported this week that a player had hit its Bad Beat Jackpot on June 22, as a result of which the site awarded a record-breaking $996,115.28 to its players.

It was the largest bad beat jackpot ever awarded in online poker history according to Absolute Poker, and the majority of it went to an online poker player called RIVERMAN1969 from Pasadena, Md.

RIVERMAN1969 lost a hand of Texas Hold'em with four tens to BFOXY's four queens, earning him $325,212.40 for his loss. BFOXY also received an additional $163,343.67, and 88 other online players shared in an additional $163,343.67, including those at the same table where the bad beat occurred and players seated at Bad Beat Jackpot tables featuring the same stakes and game type.

"We're hitting milestones, breaking records and making ordinary poker players extraordinarily rich," said an Absolute Poker spokesperson. "Bad Beat Jackpot continues to attract an enormous number of poker players to Absolute Poker and we can't wait to beat the industry record we just set once again."

This bad beat jackpot tops the previous industry record held by Absolute Poker. Party Poker once held the record for biggest bad beat jackpot, but that record was eclipsed August 29, 2007, by Absolute Poker.

According to Absolute Poker, more and more players are flocking to the poker site for a shot at winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash just by losing a hand of poker. That means the jackpot could easily reach $1 million on a regular basis.

The Bad Beat Jackpot works just like a regular Texas Hold'em table,but if a player loses a hand holding four eights or anything better while seated at a Bad Beat Jackpot table, they'll win a large piece of the Bad Beat Jackpot.

The winner of the hand, the participants in the hand and players seated at Bad Beat Jackpot tables with the same game type will also get a share of the jackpot.

The jackpot is built by collecting 50¢ from qualifying hands at Bad Beat Jackpot tables.

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