Madsen Gets Bracelet Number Two

Jeff Madsen
Madsen shows off bracelet #2

Jeff Madsen came into this World Series as a virtual unknown, and he has already made a name for himself winning one bracelet and securing a third place finish before his win here tonight. Now with two bracelets under his belt in as many weeks Jeff has certainly proved himself to be much more than a one-hit wonder. I sat down with Jeff moments after his win, and he told me what it's like to be the youngest bracelet winner in WSOP history.

Well Jeff, you just won your second bracelet. What does that mean to you personally as a player?

Jeff Madsen and Friends

I just feel like I have the respect now automatically of professionals and my family. They believed in me, but now it's really legitimate.

Did you have high expectations coming into this WSOP?

Yeah definitely, but I obviously couldn't think that I would win two bracelets.

If we could just talk about the final table and the heads-up match with Erick Lindgren. Tell us a bit about how it went.

Heads-Up Play

He's a really good player, I think I did better against him because I felt like I play a lot like him so I could kind of think like him. But if he had won that race, it would have been over, so I think we were pretty evenly matched.

What's your general strategy in the early stages of these tournaments?

Extremely aggressive, always aggressive, and just making the right decisions. I think since I'm young, maybe I get less respect so I get paid off on good hands. I think I'm hard to read. I'm just really aggressive, calling's the worst thing you can do in poker, it's better to fold or raise, and I'm usually raising, so it gives me an advantage.

You obviously played great poker in these events but was there anything that didn't go according to plan?

Jeff Madsen

Well nobody's perfect, and I made some mistakes, but I definitely played the best poker of my life. A mistake here and there, but I'm really happy with my play.

Thanks a lot Jeff and good luck in the rest of the series.

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