November Niner Will Tonking Back to Work with New Jersey Online Poker

William Tonking
Thanks to online poker regulation in New Jersey, Will Tonking is back to doing what he does best.

Will Tonking has been making a living playing poker since graduating college but until recently he hasn't been able to do it online.

Tonking recently made the November Nine final table of the WSOP Main Event, guaranteeing himself over $730k in prizes, but according to the Flemington native he was doing just fine thanks to online poker regulation in New Jersey.

“After Black Friday I played live for two or three years which wasn't what I got into poker for but it was the only option,” Tonking told in Las Vegas.

Tonking started playing poker in the mid-2000s while in high school. By the time he was in college he had progressed from basement home games to free money online to a career playing cash-games on the internet.

But when Black Friday shut down poker in the US Tonking was forced to travel to nearby casinos to play live.

Since the recent regulation of online poker in select states, including New Jersey, Tonking is back to doing what he does best.

The brand-new WSOP Main Event bracelet.

“I still play at the Sands Bethlehem and a bit at Borgata but now that online poker is back in Jersey that's where I spend my poker time,” he said.

“I play six-max cash games on the New Jersey sites.”

Tonking plays online under the name WillTonk21 and amazin_mets on

Tonking Could Be Next World Champion

In just his third live tournament of 2014, Tonking was able to navigate a field of more than 6,600 in the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Tonking made it to the final nine players on July 14, all of whom will take a break until returning to Las Vegas in November to play down to a winner.

All nine final-table players are guaranteed $730k but they've also got a shot at up to $10 million should they come out on top this fall.

“It was more of a relief than a cause for celebration when we got down to the final nine,” said Tonking.

“Just because I was finally able to release myself from such a concentrated state of mind.”

According to Tonking he was fine before this happened and will be fine after, no matter what happens in November.

“My expectations are just to play well and live with whatever the results may be and at this point it's hard not to be content with anything that happens.”

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