Negreanu Lambasts Lederer in Impassioned Rant

Daniel Negreanu
Negreantu delivers for his fans.

If Daniel Negreanu ever needs a career outside of poker, he might want to consider a stint as a criminal lawyer.

Never a fan of Howard Lederer, Negreanu has dabbled a little over Twitter and shared some brief thoughts with PokerListings via email about the Lederer Files interview over the last few weeks.

Now that he's back from Europe and settled in at home, Negreanu came out with his cross-examination guns blazing and pointed straight at Howard in his latest video rant. And he does not flinch at all.

Coming in at a full 25 minutes, Negreanu rips into many of Lederer's interview claims (or I don't knows) and points out several cases of Lederer lying outright.

Not satisfied with just sharing his own take on it Negreanu also adds in phone clips from industry insiders including Todd Terry, Bill Rini, Kim Lund and Tony Dunst that support his key points.

Particular points of contention include Lederer's insufficient explanation for his silence over the past 18 months, Howard's insistence on backing Ray and claiming they were both critical to the signing of the PokerStars deal and his recent return to Bobby's Room -- without at least waiting until players have been reimbursed.

An Excerpt:

"In neither of the two interviews that you did did you give a legitimate reason why you thought it was important to completely shun the poker community for 18 months and just leave them hanging.

"I wonder if this deal didn’t get done would you have really sat down and done this PokerNews interview? Or would you have continued to hide like a weasel?

 “The only reason you’re speaking now and drinking and gambling in Bobby’s Room is because you were rescued.”

“...There’s only two real possibilities for what’s really going on here. Either A) You’re completely lying and you know a whole lot more than you let on or B) You really don’t know of the answers to these questions but you should have.”

For Negreanu fans, or anyone swayed slightly by Lederer's recent media forays, it's a must see:

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