Montel Williams makes European poker debut

Montel: Cancelled

Montel Williams has talked his way into a spot at the Poker Nations cup scheduled for April 7-10 in Cardiff, Wales.

The famous talk show host will play for Team USA, which will be captained by Joe Beevers and qualifier Francis Durbin.

The Dutch team will have to rely on Marcel "Flying Dutchman" Luske, who will act as their captain, for some power poker. Joining Luske will be Eric van der Berg, Daan Ruiter, Thierry van der Berg and Quirijn van der Peet, the qualifier. Luske still has one more selection to make but rest assured there are plenty of Dutch pros looking for a spot.

Finally, the German team will be comprised of Captain Michael Keiner along with Andreas Krause, Benjamin Kang, Sebastian Ruthenberg and Thomas "Buzzer" Bihl. Thomas Potzal is the German qualifier.

With a diverse group of players the PartyPoker Poker Nations Cup is sure to be one of the most international tournaments in recent memory.

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