Marking cards at Mohegan Sun


A poker player was arrested at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Thursday and is accused of marking cards, according to a story in the Hartford Courant.

Investigators allegedly discovered he was cheating and then raided his hotel room in the casino, finding $55,000.

Sholem J. Weisner, 26, of Brooklyn, is being charged with cheating, first-degree larceny and criminal trespass. He is out on a $5,000 bail and scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Norwich on Dec. 6.

State police allege that Weisner was physically marking specific cards in a game of No-Limit Hold'em to determine their location and thus give himself an advantage.

Weisner had a history of cheating and was actually banned from the Mohegan Sun back in September 2006, but was playing using a friend's Players Club card and social security ID card on Thursday to avoid being identified.

The timing of the arrest is interesting, as just last week at the final table of the World Poker Finals in nearby Foxwoods Casino, there were two separate occasions where the deck had to be changed because of an unknown player marking the aces. It was never confirmed that a player actually did the marking and it's possible that tournament organizers gave the dealer a used deck. Mike Vela went on to win the event and $1.7 million.

Ironically Tom "durrr" Dwan, a noted online player who was also at that final table, joked that live poker is "rigged" and you're better off playing online.

Marking cards is a method of cheating that has been around since almost the beginning of poker. With the proliferation of cameras in cardrooms it has been seen less and less, but there seems to be a sudden increase in this old backroom poker trick.

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