Kyle Hendry: Son of Scottish Football Icon Forges Own Path in Poker


On the surface Kyle Hendry is just like a lot of the young, ambitious poker players we met at the 2014 Battle of Malta.

Trying to forge a career in online poker while taking the occasional shot at a big live event, Hendry's still looking for the breakthrough win that might push his game to the next level.

He is the only one we met, though, who also happens to be the son of Scottish football legend Colin Hendry.

Chipped by Gazza

If you're a football fan and old enough to remember Euro 1996, you definitely remember this scene:

The player who got chipped by English football and drinking legend Paul Gascoigne was Scottish defender and team captain Colin Hendry.

It was a traumatizing experience but Hendry carried on with a legendary career that peaked when he won the FA premier league with the Blackburn Rovers in 1998 and the Scottish treble with Glasgow Rangers in 2000.

His son Kyle is not only a passionate football player himself, he’s also playing poker full time and just made a deep run in the Battle of Malta main event (Hendry finished 59th for €1,550.00).

The 23 year old moved down to Malta just a month ago to further his career of playing online poker.

"Of course I could have done that at home, too," Hendry told us on a break from the PLO event, "but then it’s always raining there, and that alone makes a difference."

Football a Handy Alternative Career

"I haven’t played live for a couple of months and the only live event the size of the Battle of Malta that I ever played was the £120 Goliath in Coventry.

"Apart from that I haven’t been in a huge event like this one. Then again, I haven’t been to the WSOP yet. That’s going to be one of my goals for next year.

"I’ll definitely come back here. I already played in the BOM last year and liked it, and it’s been even better this time."

Being the son of a Scottish football legend Kyle is naturally into playing football himself, too.

He’s been training in the same gym as the FC Valletta football team and will shortly be joining them to play in the Maltese BOV league.

"I’ve been to a couple of matches here so I know what the level of football is here.

"I think I can compete. Football is surely an alternative career for me.

Just Kyle in Malta

Does he ever get teased about that famous football scene in 1996?

"Not really. Most of the people I know are too young to know about this.

"Also, here in Malta I’m not Colin Hendry’s son but rather just Kyle.

"But now and again, I have to tease my father about it.

"Whenever he gets on my nerves I remind him of what Gazza did that day, and then he shuts up."

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