Ilari FIN Takes $278k Beating

Ilari Sahamies
Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies

Ilari Sahamies’ recent hot streak was stopped cold as he took a huge hit in the high stakes games on PokerStars last night.

Sahamies, who plays under the name Ilari FIN on the site, was up nearly $300k earlier this week but got into trouble last night as he fired off a scant 296 hands and lost $278k.

The aggressive Finnish pro accumulated almost all of his losses in a $200/$400 heads-up PLO game against socutiesf.

Sahamies actually won the biggest pot of the session – a $155k monster, which you can watch below in the hand-replayer – but still couldn’t book a profit as socutiesf won almost every other hand. Despite the loss Sahamies is still up $516k playing online poker in 2011.

Suffice to say it was one of the best nights for socutiesf in recent memory as the online grinder, who was barely active prior to June this year, finished with $298k in profit.

Since hitting the high stakes games this summer socutiesf has won half a million on PokerStars.

Some of the other big winners from last night included Rafi “refaelamit” Amit and Benny “toweliestar” Spindler.

Amit picked up $162k and is starting to pull away from the rest of the pack on the most profitable online player of the year leaderboard.

The Israeli pro is up an astounding $1.85 million in the high stakes games on PokerStars this year.

Spindler, who is also on an incredible upswing, took down $149k. The German has rocketed up to $886k in profit after entering September with just $17k. 

Meanwhile Sahamies managed to avoid being the biggest loser of the night as amassed $290k in losses.

A relative newcomer to the high stakes games on PokerStars, is down $126k since started playing the big games this month.

Some of the other big losers last night included altiFC (-$120k), Fake Love888 (-$105k) and machado28 (-$79k).

Check below for the biggest hand of the night. For more information be sure to visit our online poker stats section.


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