Hachem sets the record straight

Joe Hachem
'Everyone has the right to play poker however they want.'

Hours after making a controversial statement regarding the level of play in the 2009 Main Event, 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem says he may have been misunderstood.

"I apologize if I offended anyone; that certainly was not my intention," he said. "I just got caught up in the moment, in the Main Event with a little over 100 people left.

"Everyone has the right to play poker however they want. I was just hearing stories from all over the floor about how crazy people were playing. I am passionate about poker and the World Series and I think what I said just came out the wrong way."

With players busting at a record pace in the early days of the tournament, Hachem said he was shocked at the level of play and simply felt those playing for a World Series of Poker Main Event title should do so with a little more respect for the game.

"I really love poker," he said. "I want the game to grow even bigger and if I offended anybody with my comments I am truly sorry. My intention was to highlight the level of play and I think it just came out differently than I had intended."

Hachem busted in 103rd place shortly after making the original comments.

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