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Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

Full Tilt Poker is still one of the best places to be for players, as the site continues to offer them weekly $3,000 freerolls for new players.

The latest to take advantage of the offer and turn it into a first-place cash is keith1980. The 27-year-old supervisor from Ohio qualified for the freeroll after signing up at the poker site through and then earned 150 points during the qualifying period before the freeroll.

He wasn't the only one who had the ambition to qualify, though. He was joined by 526 other players on Saturday, all looking for their own piece of the $3,000 prize pool.

Once he'd waded through them all to victory, keith1980 took home $750 for his trouble, the largest amount he's won all at once while playing online.

Perhaps his victory wasn't that much of a surprise since he's been playing poker for 10 years. He first got started playing with his family and then moved on to online play as well.

Even so, he didn't go into the tournament expecting to win.

"I was shooting for the final table, but winning it was much more than expected," keith1980 said. "I was last at the table at the start of the final."

The top 10 players in the tournament were:

Place Name Prize
1st keith1980 $750
2nd laberrababer $465
3rd thebigfelipe $337.50
4th rotowhiz $262.50
5th Schizo85 $195
6th grebellion $142.50
7th zienewb $93
8th LadyElouise $75
9th EightBalls33 $58.50

keith1980 is a regular to, visiting the site on a weekly basis to check out the poker information there.

"It's a great site that has everything to help your poker game," he said.

He's also been playing daily at Full Tilt Poker, a poker site he said is great, "but some of the members have no idea how to play good poker."

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