Poker Bad Boy Tony G. Challenges UK Leader to €1m Brexit Bet

tony g
Still got it.

On June 23rd, the UK will hold a referendum to decide if it will leave the European Union.

Polls of recent weeks have shown public opinion is divided on "Brexit," with results showing more or less 50-50 for and against.

Three weeks ago right-wing UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage was seen at the bookmakers wagering £1,000 on “Leave.”

At the time Farage said, “I’m confident I’ll be back after the referendum to collect my winnings.”

Former "bad boy of poker" Tony G., a current member of European parliament, took umbrage with the statement, however, and upped the ante with his old poker moxie.

Tony G Raises 1000x

Farage's statement didn't sit well with Guoga, who’s now following a second career as a representative for Lithuania in the European Parliament.

As many poker players remember very clearly, if there’s one guy you don’t want to get agitated at the table, it’s Tony G.

Tony Guoga
Not afraid to check-raise.

In an open letter to Farage Guoga has now offered to bet 1 million Euro on Britain to stay in the EU if Farage is ready to bet a million on Leave.

Guoga isn't trying to make money in this case as no matter who wins, the money is going to charity. He's also pretty sure how Brits will vote:

"A big day is approaching: a day when the UK will decide to stay in the EU. Obviously, you are not so convinced yet.


"I am so confident that the British people will do the right thing and vote to remain in the EU that I offer a €1 million charity bet on Leave!"

The Needle Continues

In the letter he goes on to needle Farage about his work ethic and resorts to a classic poker metaphor to close things out:

"Every time I see you in Brussels, which isn’t too often, you are turning your back on everyone.


"Want to go all-in? Let me know!


"Don’t leave Europe to Germany and France … Also, I wouldn’t like Putin to raise a toast to Brexit."

Guoga's challenge is particularly notable after recent events in the UK.

nigel farage getty images by dean mouhtaropoulos
Nigel Farage (Photo: Getty Images, Dean Mouhtaropoulos)

The Leave movement has brought out a nationalistic, xenophobic tone that ultimately culminated in the murder of Labour MP and Remain supporter Jo Cox just a few days ago.

The horrific crime, where the suspect reportedly shouted "Britain First," seems to have brought Brits back to the Remain side but the outcome of the referendum is still wide open.

Guoga is a dedicated “advocate for EU reform” and supports the removal of the parliament in Strasbourg. He also calls himself an admirer of the United Kingdom and wants it to stay strong inside the EU.

Just as in his poker days, Tony G has put his opponent in a bad spot. He’s made an offer that Farage can’t refuse but also one that he can’t accept. 

It's a strong stand in favor of the European Union and he’s found a way to ridicule the Leave movement without pouring a lot of oil into the fire. 

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