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Annette Obrestad's reputation precedes her since her Main Event victory at 2007's World Series of Poker Europe.

Kirk Morrison and Daniel Negreanu were among the poker pros in attendance who rated her play in that event as being among the best they'd ever witnessed.

Born and raised in the small Norwegian town of Sandnes, Annette started playing poker online at the age of 15, when a friend shipped her some funds on an online site.

In her many subsequent hours of online play, she never made a deposit out of her own pocket. Even more impressive, she became so adept at bluffing and at reading other players that in one online tournament she put tape over her computer monitor so that she couldn't see her own hand. She vanquished 180 competitors to win that event.

Her initial live play successes came at EPT events and at the Aruba Classic, but it wasn't until she hit the 2007 WSOPE that the poker world really sat up and took notice of this new powerhouse.

Since then she's been one of poker's most entertaining and scintillating players, racking up cashes around the globe and appearing on numerous poker TV shows.

As of 2014, she's offically Norway's all-time leading money winner for live poker tournaments, which says a lot considering her countrymen include Johnny Lodden, Thor Hansen and Andreas Hoivold.

With her quiet, self-effacing demeanor Annette_15 doesn't seem like a threat but sit down at the felt with her and you'll quickly find out just how wicked her chops are.