Everest Poker to cosponsor German poker league

Mount Everest

Everest Poker has joined forces with The World Poker Store Inc. to cosponsor Germany's first official Bar Poker League.

The Bar Poker League is expected to have more than 100 venues for tournaments in Germany. As such, the league will help increase Everest Poker's exposure in that country.

Everest Poker will be the online sponsor of the project with exclusive brand visibility on the leagues' poker tables, chips, playing cards and advertising. The poker site will also appear on the Bar Poker League's Web site.

Everest Poker and The World Poker Store will also collaborate with special live events and events on the Everest Poker site.

"We are the one poker room that has always been 100% focused on Europe, and ventures like this fit perfectly with our brand," said Everest Poker CMO Jennifer Joyce.


"Everest Poker aims to bring each player a unique and individualized playing experience, and offering the thrill of live poker to German players through a network of venues across the country is the perfect opportunity."

Joyce also commented that the poker site thinks the bar poker league model is something that can be replicated across the continent and into a Pan-European Championship for real players representing their local bar.

The World Poker Store Inc. is also excited about the addition of Everest Poker to help bring about the German Bar Poker League.

"This partnership will offer our players in Germany even more opportunity to compete worldwide for premiere tournament invites through the league and now through Everest's online contests as well," said Chuck Chastain, The World Poker Store CEO.

"Plus, the timing of Everest's alliance with Harrah's Entertainment and brand exposure on table felts and television coverage at the World Series of Poker couldn't be better as it further validates the strength of our German partnerships during our launch this fall."

The company has not yet released the schedule and locations for the German Bar Poker League events.

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