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The competition for online gambling in the European market is soaring now that the United States seems to be off-limits. With that come the need for universal standards and corresponding interest in the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance organization.

According to an eCOGRA press release, the growing necessity for online gambling operators to commit to serious licensing jurisdictions with real regulatory requirements was again underlined by several key presentations at the European iGaming Congress and Expo in Barcelona recently.

The trend is fueled by the United Kingdom's "white list" of countries whose gaming companies will be allowed to advertise in the nation. That list has spurred many companies to move their headquarters to the approved licensing jurisdictions on the list.

It has also caused more interest in player protection bodies such as eCOGRA, according to the press release.

London-based eCOGRA has been running for four years and continues to work to help develop advanced best-practice standards for online gambling sites' operational conduct. eCOGRA's mandate is also to facilitate the technology needed to inspect and monitor accredited companies to ensure compliance.

CEO Andrew Beveridge and his professional team have engaged regularly with several licensing jurisdictions worldwide to have its standards accepted by those jurisdictions.

"We're aware that there are inter-nation and perhaps political difficulties in reaching a harmonized form of detailed international standards and regulations among national licensing jurisdictions," Beveridge said at the iGaming conference.

With the goal of ensuring a safe and fair online gambling environment for players, eCOGRA has approved 25 poker sites, including PokerRoom and Pacific Poker, and several online casino sites.

The organization's standards have also already been accepted by some of the world's top online gambling jurisdictions, such as Gibraltar.

"We are confident that eCOGRA makes it possible for accredited operations to meet or exceed the principal demands of the top licensing jurisdictions, and that has generated substantial interest in our activities by operators who look for professional guidance in reaching the right levels of acceptability," Beveridge said.

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