durrrr Challenge: Dwan gaining momentum

Tom Dwan
Who IS this kid?

Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius played one of the biggest sessions of the durrrr Challenge early this morning.

Although it was a swingy session, Dwan once again got the best of it and now has a $67,162 lead over his Finnish rival.

Session 9 took place over the span of 704 hands, with several pots that were astronomical in size.

Surprisingly, both of the biggest pots went to Antonius despite the fact he was down in the session overall.

The biggest hand saw durrrr shove with two pair on the turn only to have Antonius river a better two pair to scoop a $163,597 pot.

The second-largest pot of the session saw durrrr play aces strongly, but Antonius hit a trips on him to rake a $142,292 pot.

durrrr made up for his losses by winning three +$100,000 pots of his own and dominating the rest of the session.

durrrr 6633
More spikes than Eskimo Clark's heart monitor.

Antonius and Dwan are now up to 6,633 hands in the challenge. Interestingly, they are still very close, with Dwan up by just over one buy-in.

Many predicted the challenge to be rife with variance and huge swings but it hasn't really played like that so far.

Both players seemed willing to play big pots yesterday, so maybe this is the week we finally start to see swings that amount to mansions and Bentleys.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 300,000: Amount of money on table three alone during session nine
  • 245,519: Highest amount Dwan has ever been ahead in the challenge
  • 135,472: Highest amount Antonius has ever been ahead in the challenge
  • 43,367: Hands yet to be played
  • 20: Hours played in the overall challenge
  • 9: Number of sessions in the durrrr Challenge
  • 3: Times Antonius and durrrr have played in the last four days
  • 1: Instances of a royal flush in the durrrr Challenge

Here's a look at the two biggest pots in the session:

Antonius works some magic

Antonius is good once again

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  • durrrr Challenge begins tomorrow
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