Dates set, Barry calling for fish on HSP 6

Barry Greenstein
Barry Greenstein is hoping the sixth season of GSN's High Stakes Poker will include more "recreational players."

GSN's High Stakes Poker is coming back for a sixth season.

In London for the World Series of Poker Europe presented by Betfair, Mori Eskandani, president of POKER PROductions, producers of the highly successful cash-game show, confirmed the company will begin filming 13 episodes for Season 6 of High Stakes Poker at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nov. 11.

"High Stakes is always fun," Eskandani told PokerListings. "You mix the money with the emotions and all those characters and it's going to be good TV."

The full line-up is not yet confirmed, although Eskandani said the show is looking for its usual mix of veteran pros, Internet upstarts and whales from other walks of life.

As has become the norm, the game will feature $400/$800 blinds with a $200,000 minimum/$500,000 maximum buy-in, although Eskandani said players can add another $500,000 as soon as they fall below that mark.

The major difference this year is that prop games will not be allowed.

"It really distracted from the game for the viewers," Eskandani explained.

A veteran of High Stakes Poker, Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein said he will definitely be playing, and he's hoping there will be a few well-bankrolled fish in the mix this season.

"I hope they can get a good line-up," Greenstein said. "They always promise there will be good games. I was happy with the line-up I played in last year, but it wasn't as good as the line-ups they had in the earlier days when there were more recreational players.

"At this point I don't play just to be on television. I play if it's a good game where I can make some money."

Online high-stakes superstar Tom "durrrr" Dwan dominated play in Season 5, winning a High Stakes Poker record $919,600 pot flopping top pair and a flush draw against Greenstein's pocket aces, getting the money in and turning trips.

The most talked about hand of the season saw Dwan push 2008 WSOP Main Event champ Peter Eastgate of trip deuces and Greenstein off pocket aces with top pair, betting $104,300 into a $133,500 pot.

"It's kind of funny," Greenstein explained. "If I'd have made the call there, and I was on the edge one way or the other, I think the perception would have been very different. It would have been like 'what was he doing?'

"He kind of got lucky that Peter and I got in the way of each other. Because we both folded he's kind of the poker hero and dominated the table. It's funny how things can go like that."

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