Dallas police raid illegal poker games

Last weekend, Dallas Vice and SWAT officers conducted the largest illegal poker gambling raid in North Texas as they executed simultaneous raids at three different locations. The raids resulted in 20 arrests, 49 citations, and the seizure of $43,000 in cash.

While some players claimed they were just "friendly" games, the Dallas police contends that the games were illegal because the house was taking a cut from the games.

Dallas Police Lt. Christina Smith told the local media that underground games like the ones that were raided aren't regulated so the people running them charge a lot of money without anyone checking to see if it's being done properly.

Another officer told media that most of the people caught during the raid will just have to worry about citations, but the people in charge of running the games could face bigger charges.

In the course of investigating the games, police obtained hidden video camera footage of the illegal poker game sites and floor plans for each location before the raids took place. The locations involved included an office complex and two residential locations.

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