Daily 3-Bet: WSOP Speed-Up, $25k Streamfest, #PHdagreatest

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Great seats, for sure.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a simple decision, a flick of the wrist and the cards quickly in the muck for more afternoon poker news hands per hour.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a major rule change for the 2017 WSOP, the heavy hitters hit the $25k SCOOP event and Phil Hellmuth is (kinda) da greatest.

1) WSOP Picks Up the Pace

Tired of slow play, excessive tanking and habitual stalling in live poker tournaments? You're not alone. And the powers-that-be that manage the biggest poker tours on the planet are doing something about it.

Jack Effel3
Stallers take note.

partypoker Live President John Duthie in fact kicked off the ongoing $5m partypoker North American Millions with a plea for faster play out of respect for the game.

Now the World Series of Poker has announced new rules on calling the clock for 2017 to much applause from the poker world. What are those new rules?

  • Players can now call the clock at any point in the hand, not just after 2 minutes
  • Players will get from 0-30 seconds followed by a 10-second countdown to make a decision
  • Amount of time at discretion of floor person
  • Floor can initiate clock w/o player request
  • Players who stall/call for the clock a lot are subject to penalty

Sounds like a good step. Check the full outline of the new rules from the WSOP here.

2) Mercier, Polk Stream SCOOP $25k

Want to watch some of the best poker players in the world battle it out for a SCOOP bracelet in the $25,000 NLHE 8-Max High Roller event today?

We do, too. Luckily, you have a couple choices. You can, of course, just download the PokerStars client and rail the event yourself. Or you can watch the live streams of poker stars Jason Mercier and Doug Polk, who will be airing it all on Twitch/YouTube with commentary.

Mercier's is being hosted by the king of poker Twitch streaming himself, Jason Somerville, on his RunItUp.tv channel. Check them both out below:

3) Now With Even More Greatness!

If you follow Phil Hellmuth's regular Twitter account you know there's no shortage of endearing self-aggrandizement to enjoy - not the least of which include the regularly deployed #PHnicelife and #POSITIVITY hashtags alongside random gems like #FriendsJet.

Did you also know there's a Hellmuth parody Twitter account with even more greatness to be found on it? And that it's actually called @beingdagreatest

We didn't, but know we do (thanks to former Golden State Warrior Andrew Bogut) so we figured you should know. Enjoy a sample below:

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