Daily 3-Bet: WPT Thunder Buds, DW + Farber, SXSWellmuth

Ivey podcast incoming?

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a super-stacked final 6 at Thunder Valley, an intriguing poker podcast pairing and Phil Hellmuth goes South (by Southwest).

1) Busquet, Drinan, Mizzi

After Sam Panzica soared to a $1.37m win at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star last weekend, the WPT crew packed up the trucks and headed to Sacramento for the final stop on the famed California Swing.

Olivier Busquet
Ready for WPT title #2.

While WPT Thunder Valley has, err, a bit less thunder than the first two stops it's still no slouch with 421 entries and a $1,347,200 prize pool. 

They've now narrowed things down to just six and it's pretty much as star-studded as you could hope.

Previous WPT winner and HU poker legend Olivier Busquet will be vying for his second career WPT title, and although he's the short stack has more than enough experience to battle back.

High roller reg Connor Drinan is also in play and with a 1.3m chip stack (56 BB) will be a threat from the get go. Berlin Bear and fellow high-roller Sorel Mizzi has the second-most chips at 2.3m and is primed to win his first WPT crown.

Chip leader Mike Del Vecchio and fellow pro Steven Tabb have their work cut out for them to say the least while John Hadley - who earned his way into the event via points (!) - is on the freeroll of a lifetime.

Should be a fun one. Follow along with the WPT Live Updates starting at 12:30 PT today. 

2) David Williams and Jay Farber Thinking Podcast

Jay Farber 6
Has potential.

As poker fans we're pretty flush with good podcast/YouTube/Vlogger content these days, but there's always room for more.

WSOP Main Event runner-ups David Williams and Jay Farber seem to be considering jumping into the mix now which, considering Williams' crossovers into M:TG and Reality TV and Farber's friendship with Dan Bilzerian, could make for some interesting shows.

Send them interview suggestions their way via Twitter:

3) Hellmuth Playing Poker at SXSW?

What, exactly, is Phil Hellmuth doing at the mecca of tech/music nerddom, South by Southwest (SXSW) this week?

Pushing his new sponsor Kimo Sabe Mezcal, obv. but also, apparently, preparing to fire out some live poker content of an unnamed variety.

Very intriguing #PHNiceLife. We're curious to see just what form this might take and will keep an eye out. Looks like it'll happen via this site Collide, where Phil's bio will get you primed.

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