Daily 3-Bet: Woods Wins, Bilzerian $1.2m Bike Bet, Sick Kanit Bluff

LAPC photo of James Woods
LAPC photo of James Woods

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like a magical waterfall that cascades a stream of never-ending mid-afternoon poker news stories.

You can always make suggestions for future 3-Bet pieces in the comments section below.

In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at James Woods snagging an LAPC side event, Dan Bilzerian and a $1.2m bet to bike from LA to Las Vegas and a closer look at a crazy Mustapha Kanit bluff.

1) James Woods Wins LAPC Side Event

James Woods 5
Next stop WSOP?

In recent years actor James Woods has sort of taken a de facto position as the most fervent celebrity fan/player of poker.

Time and time again Woods has attended the WSOP and defended online poker in the USA and generally spoken highly of the game.

This summer was a highpoint for Woods as he made a final table AND defeated Doug Polk in a separate HU match. Not bad.

Well he finally picked up a significant title earlier this week.

Woods won the $1,100 Omaha 8-or-Better side event at the the LAPC for $20,065, and even more importantly the Remington trophy.

Perhaps a preview of things to come at the 2016 WSOP?

2) Perkins Offers Bilzerian $1.2m to Bike From LA to LV

Swapping it all for bicycle.

Is Bill Perkins bored?

The Hedge Fund manager is renowned for his prop bets but lately seems to be going into overdrive with that whole Antonio Esfandiari “lunge” bet and now an even crazier offer for Dan Bilzerian.

Here's the bet: Bilzerian has to ride from LA to Las Vegas on a bicycle in 48 hours with $1.2m on the line.

That’s right. $1.2m. Apparently you have to raise the stakes when you are prop betting with a fellow multi-millionaire.

Can Bilzerian do it? It’s gonna be tough. The journey is apparently 320 miles and Bilzerian hasn’t ridden a bike in 18 years.

Apparently Perkins really wanted the bike bet to happen because he previously offered $10,000 for Samantha Abernathy to do the same ride in 72 hours.

Looking forward to the coverage of this one.

3) Anton Bertilsson Gives the Scoop on Crazy Mustapha Kanit Bluff

Remember that crazy hand in the EPT Dublin $25k High Roller where Anton Bertilsson laid down queens to Mustapha Kanit.

We actually caught up with Bertilsson and he ran us through the hand and his thought process.

Apparently Bertilsson initially wanted to call on the river but eventually decided there were just too many potential hand combinations on the board.

Always go with your instincts, kids!

Check it out below:

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