Daily 3-Bet: Sexton on Point, Liv on Fog, Paid Like a Boss

That's Liv, that's Britain, that's the temp.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a gentle wind, an incoming low-pressure system and just the right read on the afternoon poker news Doppler radar.

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Today in the 3-bet we find Mike Sexton knocking on the WPT door (again), Liv Boeree fulfills a lifelong dream and we take a walk down Liv's poker memory lane.

1) Can Sexton Win a WPT?

A look at Mike Sexton's Hendon Mob page is truly a delight - with the exception of the hand cramp you get from scrolling so far down the page.

Mike Sexton
Is this it?

In other words, it just goes and goes. And goes.

All the way back to Feb. 1981, when he finished 3rd in the $1,000 Razz event at Amarillo Slim's Superbowl Of Poker in Vegas for $9,500 and his first (recorded) live cash.

Which, awesome. $5.85m in cashes later, he's still going strong. But among all of those amazing results one thing is missing: a WPT title.

Sexton has been the voice of the World Poker Tour since its inception but so far, at least best we can tell, his top WPT result is a third-place finish in Venice in 2013 for €54,200.

That could change this week as Sexton is one of 11 players remaining in the partypoker.net WPT Montreal playing out right now. 

At last check he had just knocked out 2016 WSOP Main Event 'villain' Alex Keating and Tan Ho back-to-back and has about 2m in chips. That puts him inside the Top 6.

Is this the time Sexton turns all of the insight gleaned from the booth into a final-table triumph? We certainly hope so. And there's $425k in hot, hot Canadian dollars waiting for him if he does.

Check the latest live updates as they play down to a final six right here.

2) Liv Can Die Happy ... Because She Did the Weather?

Best we can glean from this is PokerStars pro Liv Boeree got to stand up and do a weather forecast on British television sometime this week.

Which network and at what time, we don't know. But clearly, for a self-professed science nerd, it was a lifelong dream:

If anyone knows where we can find the footage, please let us know in the comments!

3) Also, There Was Sen Remo

Speaking of life highlights for Liv, here's a walk down memory lane of some of her finest poker moments put together by her PokerStars cohorts.

Getting "paid like a girl," as she says/does in the first clip, is pretty sweet but we'd have to think that €500,000 flip she won against Jakob Carlsson at EPT San Remo is a fond memory, too.

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