Daily 3-Bet: Reverse Slowrollism, Sky Tripfunding, EPT Irish Open?

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Griffin Benger circling back on the irish Open's epic slowroll debate, Sofia Lövgren works the pay-as-you-fly poker funding plan and rumors have the irish Open joining the EPT next season.

1) Benger to Apologists: Not So Fast

By now we're sure you've seen the audacious slowroll Andres Gann dropped at the Irish Open final table on Monday.

As you might expect it's caused some huff among the poker crowd. Initially, of course, the tune was all outrage. Commentators called it "disgraceful" and "shameful" and plenty of poker fans quickly piled on, calling for Gann's metaphorical (or actual) head.

As more information materialized, including one of the commentators' renewed look at it after a chat with Gann, plenty of dissenters have come to the German's defence.

Andreas Gann
Guilty either way?

They've called it a "rookie mistake" and the lust for blood out of line given how much we need to keep amateurs in the game.

Griffin Benger's take on it? "Quit being so naive."

Gann knew what he was doing, he did it to an Irish legend and people had a right to be outraged. Benger also invented the term "reverse slowrollism," which is simply amazing.

Most of all, Benger says: Gann did it to himself. Read his take here.

2) We Should Fly Norwegian More Often

888Live Local Marbella is about to kick off and, while the buy-in is just €220, we know every penny still counts when you're trying to make a profit on poker trips.

Even for 888poker pro Sofia Lövgren, apparently. While we assume she has her buy-in covered, after a quick flight south on Norwegian Airlines she's now got the rest of her trip sorted, too:

Mbn. Nothing like a freeroll for a $50k guarantee in the south of Spain. Also, reliable in-flight wi-fi.

More on 888Live Local Marbella here plus live reports from PokerListings coming soon.

3) Irish Open = EPT Dublin in 2016?

While Malta officially became a part of the EPT in grand fashion last month Dublin is another location long rumored to be on the short list to fill a couple of new EPT vacancies.

Another craic-filled Irish Open just passed but with declining field numbers and a sense of foreboding from the regulars there was definitely an "end of an era" vibe, too.

Enter some good news from veteran poker journalist Frank Op de Woerd:

As the longest-running poker tournament in the world after the WSOP the Irish Open is a classic stop on the poker trail but, as they always do, things change.

It might lose a bit of its old-poker-world charm but combining the forces of an iconic event with a powerful brand might find a happy medium and keep it thriving for years to come.

Here's hoping for many more years of the Irish Open, in any form.

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