Daily 3-Bet: PokerStars OG, Kitty Kuo Twitters, WSOP Town Hall

old pokerstars
PokerStars has changed. A little.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at one of the most old-school players on PokerStars, Kitty Kuo’s amazing Twitter account and yesterday’s WSOP town hall meeting.

1) SpicyF the OG PokerStars Player

Chris Moneymaker
Frank "SpicyF" Öberg played PokerStars before this guy.

Who’s been playing on PokerStars the longest?

You could make an argument for Sweden’s Frank “SpicyF” Öberg who signed up for the site way back on Sept. 5 in 2001.

The PokerStars Blog posted an extended feature on Öberg where he talked about what it was like to play before Chris Moneymaker, WCOOP and Zoom Poker.

Öberg got on PokerStars after following a link from the legendary rec.gambling.poker message board where he chatted with some of the game’s biggest stars before they were well known.

At this point in time PokerStars was still looking for staff and hadn’t officially launched. In fact there were only a couple hundred players in the lobby, according to Öberg.

Incredibly Öberg still plays regularly on the site although he’s focused primarily on going back to school.

It’s a great feature and a testament to just how much poker has changed over the last 15 years.

2) Kitty Kuo’s Amazing Twitter Account

Kitty Kuo is at the final table of the Aussie Millions Main Event in Melbourne.

It also just happens that Kuo has one of the greatest Twitter accounts in poker.

Not afraid of speaking her mind, Kuo is brutally honest about everything in her life including running bad, trash talk at the table, nits and everything in between. She's kind of like a poker Jedi.

Here are a few choice Tweets from Kuo:

3) WSOP Holds Town Hall on Twitch.tv

Yesterday WSOP decision makers Ty Stewart and Jack Effel hopped on Twitch.tv to talk directly to poker players about what they want to see at the world’s biggest poker series.

The discussion covered payouts, start times, poker variants and much, much more.

You can watch a replay of the entire thing below starting at about 01:10:45:

Watch live video from WSOP on www.twitch.tv

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