Daily 3-Bet: Multi-Tabling Solved, Bot A-Bomb, Real Poker Hero

Randy Lew
Randy Lew: Knows a thing or two about multi-tabling

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a half-sphere of uranium, some close-packed atoms and an eye-popping chain reaction of afternoon poker news nuclei.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Randy "nanonoko" Lew pulling back the curtain on the mysteries of multi-tabling, a "nuclear weapon for poker" gets unveiled at the latest Poker Bot competition and Mickey Petersen defines a real poker hero.

1) Tiling, Hotkeys and HUDS

Struggled to pick up the subtle nuances and lightning-fast decision-making requirements of successful multi-tabling?

Tell us about it. We've struggled for years to up our MT game so we tapped into the ultimate human multi-tabler for some help.

That person? PokerStars Team online pro Randy "nanonoko" Lew, who generously gave us some tips on improving our multi-table efficiency.

We're never gonna hit 24 tables. But this may get us up to 5 finally.

2) Tartanian7: "A Nuclear Weapon for Poker"

Speaking of inhuman poker ability ... if you're looking for a pretty good case in defense of Game Theory Optimal Poker as a strategy platform Professor Tuomas Sandholm just presented a good one.

Poker bots
Did Tuomas Sandholm just blow up poker bots as we know them?

A Computer Science professor at Carnegie Mellon Sandholm made some waves in this year's Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Annual Computer Poker Competition with his latest bot, Tartanian7.

He spoke about it in a new article on Card Player here. Developed by Sandholm and two graduate students the bot was built around "game theory knowledge and optimization algorithms" and crushed all comers in two No-Limit Hold'em categories.

Amazingly it also crushed using the same exact bot for both the Total Bankroll and Instant Runoff challenges - usually the algorithms are tweaked specifically to optimize for each.

How confident is Sandholm they've finally built the greatest heads-up No-Limit Texas hold’em player ever and that Tartanian7 should be a mandatory training tool for all high-level poker players?

“I think so," he told CardPlayer. "It’s a bit of a nuclear weapon for poker. You don’t want to be bringing a knife to a gun fight.”

Boom. Hard to get more confident than that. Check the full piece here. Want to learn Game Theory Optimal yourself? Try PokerSnowie right here.

3) Don't Bluff Baby Avatars

A simple, helpful observation from poker pro Mickey Petersen:

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