Daily 3-Bet: Lodden Gamble, Sunday $5m, Poker Name-Drop Off

Prahlad Friedman
aka Pragress

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a pocket thesaurus, a full juice box and an unexpected rhyme for Barry Greenstein blowing up the afternoon poker news freestyle rap battle.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Johnny Lodden walking away from hundreds of thousands of dollars for the sake of the gamble, the PokerStars Sunday Million gets juiced up to $5 million guaranteed this weekend and it's a poker rap name-drop battle to the death!

1) Johnny Lodden: I Don't Like to Do Deals

Johnny Lodden
Lodden thinks your deal stinks.

There are many, many reasons to like Johnny Lodden -- as both a poker player and a person -- but one of the greatest is his willingness to trust in his ability at the poker table. Even if it costs him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you want to know what it takes to truly compete at the highest levels of poker take a read of Lodden's latest post on the PokerStars blog where he explains why he doesn't make final-table deals. An excerpt:

"It takes away a lot of final table strategy, when a deal is made. Everyone is looking at the payouts and the jumps from spot to spot, and you can usually see early on at a final table who is scared and wants to fold their way to a higher finish and who isn't. So I feel like I have more of an advantage to play it out, since without a deal I can pressure those players who are afraid to gamble and improve my own chances of going deeper.

"Deals also take away the fun for me, too. They take away the gamble. When I finally get to a final table in a tournament, I want to win and enjoy that pleasure of doing so. And I'm willing to risk the pain of coming up short, too."

Lodden uses the EPT Grand Final as an example where he made the final three with Steve O'Dwyer and Andrew Pantling but didn't make a deal with 2.5 m euro still on the table. Needless to say we like how Lodden thinks. Full piece here.

2) PokerStars Sunday Million Juiced to $5m This Weekend

December Festival Graphic
Get in on Dec. festival asap.

If you aren't aware of PokerStars' ongoing $27m gtd December Festival, it's best you get aware asap and this weekend might be a good time to get in the picture.

The standard Sunday Million has upped the stakes to a crazy $5m guarantee with almost helf a million on the table for the winner. Yes, half a million.

Also coming up is an $11 Sunday Storm with a $1m guarantee, which is absurd value.

More on the December Festival here; sign up via our PokerStars review here for a $600 bonus and exclusive weekly and monthly freerolls.

3) Luc-a Pa-ga-no, An-tonio Es-fan-di-ari

How hard is it to make up an entire rap using poker players' names as your primary material? Very hard, as you can see in this week's Friday rap battle between the one and only Prahlad "Pragress" Friedman and Nick Javas' EPT Season 10 preview "Ride on the River."

Who takes the title? Let us know in the comments.

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cassiec 2013-12-10 13:25:14

Ride on the River ainec prahlad is a tool

Hank 2013-12-07 15:07:19

Poker rap. Just no.

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