Daily 3-Bet: Joy Decision, Tub Life, Mother Shovers

Like this, except way, way worse. (Photo: Getty images)

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a box of raisins, a Pingu DVD and a knuckle of whiskey to get through the last stretch into afternoon poker news nap time.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find MIT professor Will Ma explaining the joy of making good decisions, a questionable decision by Vegas pro Nick DiVella to spend six days living in a bathtub and a small sub-sect of the poker community - moms who play poker - getting their say.

1) Pretend You Got into MIT for 45 Minutes

Yeah, so 90% of this went over our heads and we somehow managed to fall asleep in the cradle of our arm and get gum in our hair.

BUT if you want to spend 45 minutes getting a masterclass in the math of good-decision making from a poker player's point of view, the latest powerpoint wonder from Will Ma is up online.

Ma, one of the many poker geniuses from the University of Waterloo (and regular MIT lecturer/2007 Grand Prix de Paris winner) gave this talk at Google NY, the MIT Entrepreneurship Center and Riot Games. If you can wrap your head around it, give us the cliffs in the comments.

2) Six Days in a Tub, One Ziplock for Poop

Speaking of good and/or truly horrible decision-making ...

Vegas cash-game grinder Nick DiVella is the talk of the forums this morning after tweeting a $20k/$4k prop bet he's made to live in a bathtub for six days.

You read that right. Here are the original terms:

After some heated, bowel-movement driven debate on the forums, the terms of the bet have been tweaked/defined more:

Also now allowed: 20 sheets of writing paper, a marker, Advil and multi-vitamins. Not available: drugs, sleeping pills or an Eternal Sunshine memory erasing machine to unsee his own poop in a ziplock for the rest of his life.

The bet's supposed to go down Sept 15-20; follow along here for updates. God speed and prayers for solid waste.

3) On the Button, On the Boob

Erica Schoenberg
Relatively new Mom Erica Schoenberg.

Hey, ever run really deep in a tournament on a Tuesday and have to drag yourself in to work on a couple hours sleep the next day?

Sucks, hey? Ever try it with a toddler about to wake up and unleash hell's fury across your house and yard? How about with an actual tiny human being physically attached to your body?

Poker players love to wax on about epic sessions but there aren't many tougher things to do than be a mom and squeeze in an MTT.

PokerStars Women asked a few members of this unheralded demographic about being a mom and a grinder and the responses were entertaining and eye-opening. Also of note: there's much more breastfeeding going on than you might think.

Jbiff17: The hardest thing is finishing a tournament at 3am and then still having to get up at 7am to get the kids ready, prepare lunches, drive them to school, then attend a special morning tea at the school (actual experience!).

Vilito2527: My daughter is two years old, and I'm still working. I have time to play poker when I have to sleep, so I don't sleep at all.

CdnPkrMom: I was pretty excited once the mobile app came out. I would play while breastfeeding and when babe napped.

Natalie3107: I mainly play low stakes as a hobby. I now have a five-month-old. She sits on my lap while I play during the day; I've even breastfed her while playing!

So, yeah. Remember that before you brag about your own multi-tasking. More responses here.

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