Daily 3-Bet: Ivey Jacked, Pros Get Laxxed, Poker = Life

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Did Phil Ivey get even better this summer?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a sun-warmed float tube, a perfectly tied fly and the laziest of afternoon poker news fishing expeditions.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find even Phil Ivey (somehow) taking his game to the next level, poker pros worldwide decompress after the six-week grind of the World Series of Poker and former Facebook VP-turned-venture-capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya sees a lot of poker in life.

1) Ivey Goes Hogan

We've connected the dots a few times this summer between improved health/fitness and great results at the poker table.

But we never really considered that even the greatest poker player in the world was working on his self-improvement game that much.

Turns out we were wrong. And a jacked-and energized Phil Ivey - as if 10 WSOP bracelets isn't enough - is ready to wreak even more havoc come the Fall.

God help us all.

2) Pros Go Easy After WSOP Grind

Wonder where all of the poker news (and pros) has/have gone after the WSOP?

Into the wild, or the ballpark, or the gym, the golf course, or the city, for some much needed R+R:

Countdown to EPT Barcelona? 22 days and moving fast ...

3) Chamath: "Poker is a Microcosm of Life"

There's a common cliché in poker circles that the lessons/skills/up-and-downs of poker are a great training ground/mirror for life.

We say it. Lee Davy says it. Even incredibly successful people off the felt like Dan Shak, David Einhorn and Chamath Palihapitiya say it.

There's a reason things become clichés, though. They have a lot of truth to them.

We caught up with the always impressive Palihapitiya this summer at the WSOP and, in case you missed, he put that idea into words pretty well:

"You have some skill in that we have a bunch of starting cards. You have a bunch of other things, though, that are not in your control. And then there's a bunch of luck. And then ultimately there's an outcome.

"In some case it all plays out great and everything happens the way it should and you win. In other cases you lose. And in other cases you think you're going to win and you get a bad beat.

"That basically is life."

Yep. That about covers it. Check the full clip with Chamath below:

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