Daily 3-Bet: Howard Hughes Poker, Papi + Polk, GPL Playoff Roster

gpl playoff bracket
Who will be the inaugural GPL champ?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a late-take off, rail grab and extended barrel ride in a particularly gnarly mid-afternoon poker news wave.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll look at an unusual friendship for the late Johnny Moss, another new poker show and Global Poker League teams announcing their playoff rosters.

1) Johnny Moss’ Friendship with Howard Hughes

We don’t hear enough stories about the late Johnny “Grand Old Man of Poker” Moss but that changed this week when Chuck Blount published a piece about Moss for the San Antonio Express-News.

Johnny Moss

Johnny Moss apparently used to hang with non-other than eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes.

Hughes' propensity for Vegas was well known but apparently he also liked to watch high-stakes poker. That led to a friendship with Moss who let Hughes sweat his hole cards.

Over the years the pair became friendly enough that Moss would call Hughes out on his infamously bad personal hygiene.

There were some topics the pair never discussed, however:

One thing Hughes couldn’t get out of Moss in return was the size of his high-stakes wins on the road.

Moss liked to counter that he would be more than willing to let him in on his business affairs, provided Hughes did the same with his.

Naturally, Hughes declined.

2) Polk, Ingram Debut Poker Show Table Talk

Over the last few years Doug Polk and Joey “ChicagoJoey” Ingram have carved out a very nice niche in the YouTube poker market with a variety of products including the Poker Life Podcast and Poker Hands with Doug Polk.

It makes sense then, that the pair would team up for their latest offering: Table Talk.

Table Talk, which debuted this week, is a nod to PTI-type ESPN shows with two hosts going over various topics with a strict time limit.

Always nice to see new poker video content. You can check out the debut episode below:

3) GPL Teams Reveal Playoff Picks

The first-ever Global Poker League playoffs are nearly upon us and the team mangers have officially announced their rosters for the competition.

Who do you like? Any glaring omissions? The London Royals certainly look strong with absolutely no weak spots.

You can peruse all the picks below:

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