Daily 3-Bet: Holz PLOHow, Drafting India, DNegs $1m Summer

Dream, declare, deliver.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a frozen side of beef, a run up the PMOA stairs and Eye of the Tiger on 11 for your afternoon poker news workout.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Fedor Holz's magic finding no bounds, India's Poker Sports League picks teams and Daniel Negreanu plans a huge summer.

1) Full Wrap, Can't Lose

We know Fedor Holz has a Primed Mind and basically figured out the future of No-Limit Hold'em before everyone else, but PLO now too?

C'mon, man. Give poker a chance.

2) Huang, Razavi, Leonard, Ohyama Drafted in PSL

India and poker are in the midst of a burgeoning romance these days and a couple of intriguing new developments show it might be ready to take things to the next level.

The World Poker Tour and Adda52 announced today a new partnership that will include a new $1,000 WPT Deepstacks event in Goa this year and a WPT Indian Player of the Year Award.

patrick leonard
Leonard: Early frontrunner for PSL MVP?

Meanwhile over the weekend the 12 franchises of the first-ever Indian Poker Sports League held their first draft to round out their rosters.

According to the PSL a total of 133 poker players 'went under the hammer' in the player auction with each team picking up 4 players. The 2 wild card players for each team were also announced with some surprising (and recognizable) names on the list including:

  • Bryan Huang for the Goan Nuts
  • Sam Razavi for KINGS Hyderabad
  • Akira Ohyama for Punjab Bluffers and
  • Patrick Leonard for Rajasthan Tilters

Very interesting. Also: Goan Nuts = GOLD. The first season of the PSL begins May 22 with a two-day boot camp followed by the 'finale' (short season, apparently) May 24-28. Read the details here.

3) Daniel Negreanu's Wet Hot Las Vegas Summer

Planning on joining a WSOP fantasy pool? Pretty sure you might want to pay whatever it takes to pick up Daniel Negreanu as he has his eyes set on a big summer. A very big summer.

Daniel Negreanu 4
Don't. Doubt. DNegs.

He's already loosely mapped out a 40-event schedule that includes virtually every small-field, mixed game event possible.

He'll also be playing the $300k Super High Roller Bowl and a bunch of high-stakes Aria events the week prior so he expects over $1m in buy-ins (all his own money) in play.

Yowza. But that outlay does mean he plans on bringing his A-game, all day errryday. And he intends on winning over $1.5m in prize money and 3 bracelets.

He's an underdog to win 3 bracelets, sure. But if there's anyone - mentally or strategically - capable of pulling it off, it's DNegs. Check his full agenda here.


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