Daily 3-Bet: Phil Flops, Moorman Drops, Esfandiari “Has Been”

Antonio Esfandiari
Antonio Esfandiari, magical has-been.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a high-speed spin around the track of lesser-known poker "news" stories.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth taking a bath on his Super Bowl bets, Chris Moorman kindly dropping some poker knowledge and a new contender bumping Antonio Esfandiari for best magician in poker.

1) Hellmuth Thumped on Super Bowl Bets

To understate the matter among the gambling crowd, Super Bowl Sunday is kind of a big deal.

Phil Hellmuth
Tough Sunday.

Everyone has action, of course, from $100 “pick-a-square” bets to dozens of props on the winner of the coin toss to the last penalty.

Lord knows how much some of the real high-rollers put up for the Super Bowl, but one notable poker icon burned away at least $21k (including juice).

Tweeted Phil Hellmuth shortly after the Giants came back to beat the Patriots 21-17 yesterday:

Lost EVERY Super Bowl bet: 8 out of 8. set my personal record for biggest loss on one game: $21k plus juice

Among Hellmuth’s losing bets:

$2k OVER 27 1st (loser), $1k NE -1 1st half (even), $2k NE -1.51st (loser)...$2k OVER 53, $2k OVER 53.5

$3k NE scores OVER 29.5 for game, $2k Giants OVER 27 for game, $3k NE -3: $2,500 NE wins 2nd half, $2,500 OVER 26.5 2nd half NEED POINTS!

Still, despite the pummeling, Hellmuth has high hopes for the coming week:

Heading to LA Monday to play poker @CommerceCasino. Tough Sunday, but I'm determined to turn this into a winning week!

Follow Hellmuth for more gambling hijinx on Twitter here.

2) Chris Moorman Drops Some Insight with Snoopy

Chris Moorman
Most unknown $10m winner in poker?

He gets his due among those in the know. And he’s made a splash in a few big live events this past year to gain some more notoriety overall.

But there's no doubt Chris Moorman is still one of the most underrated poker players in the world.

A pure online destroyer with almost $8 million in earnings, plus a "token" $2.4 million won live, he’s quite frankly one of the top poker players to ever play the game.

So when he takes the time to give an in-depth interview, it’s definitely worth a look.

Speaking with poker reporter Adam “Snoopy” Goulding on Black Belt Poker, Moorman dives into a ton of subjects from staying motivated to Black Friday to the mechanics of having a 20-player stable of horses.

It’s a great read; here’s an excerpt that helps explain why he's been so dominant for so long:

“I suppose I should be bored with poker by now considering how much I play, so I’m lucky in that respect. I just love the game.

"It’s not about the money; every time I play, I want to win, even if it’s an eight-dollar rebuy or something, and it makes me feel good about myself when I do."

Full interview here.

3) Antonio Esfandiari Now Second-Best Magician in Poker

We’ve said Antonio Esfandiari has been getting a free ride as the poker world’s number #1 magician for years (when was the last time he covered anyone in club sauce?), and now finally someone has stepped up and called him on it.

Noted magician Dynamo has been on hand at the WPT Venice event doing his close-up sleight of hand, prompting WPT Host Mike Sexton to call Esfandiari a “has been” when it comes to being poker’s magic rep.

See for yourself below:

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