Daily 3-Bet: Exile Island, Aces Abroad, How'd U Get So Rich?

It's what he'll do with it that counts.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a plush hotel suite, a stocked mini-bar and still enough sense to think more about changing the afternoon poker news world.

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Today in the 3-bet we find the exile of Black Friday continued, Alec Torelli starts a new project and Charlie Carrel explains his richness to Katherine Ryan.

1) Exiled from Main Street

We've just passed the 6-year anniversary of Black Friday which, to say the least, utterly blew apart the poker world as we knew it before 2011.

Chris Hunichen 2
Changed life for Hunichen.

Besides the indictment of 11 major industry players and, you know, the seizing of millions of player funds (mostly returned now, thankfully), one of the biggest effects was the wide-scale displacement of US online grinders.

Thousands of poker players, young and old, woke up on April 15, 2011 to find themselves jobless. Some went back to work or school; some turned to the live game. But a large portion of players just left the US to continue pursuing online poker.

Aided by companies like Kristin Wilson's Poker Refugees, heaps of pros moved offshore to Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Thailand and Malta. Many ended up forming tight-knit communities that helped support each other with both the isolation and the demands of the game in a new country.

What's happened to those players? Atlas Obscura posted a nice piece today about the paths a few have taken including updates from Chris Hunichen, Ryan Garitta and Elena Stover.

Also interesting? The exodus continues today from a variety of countries such as Poland, Israel, Greece and Poland where laws have become equally restrictive or 'grey.' Check the full piece out here.

2) Alec Torelli Starts Aces Abroad

One of those players who has made the most of things post-Black Friday? High-stakes regular Alec Torelli, who you might remember from this epic hero call against Doug Polk on Live at the Bike back in February.

Using the US online poker ban as an impetus to do more writing, travelling and coaching Torelli has sustained his adventures impressively over the last half-decade and documented much of it on his personal website.

He's now jumped into the burgeoning poker Vlog/Travelogue game with a new series he's started with his wife called Aces Abroad. The first two episodes are up on his YouTube channel and you watch one below. What can you expect? 

"We generally hit 10-15 countries a year, work from unexpected places and live a very unconventional life so you can expect to find some crazy adventures mixed with cultural insights and inspiring landscapes."

Feedback is encouraged so hit them up with comments. 

3) How Did Charlie Carrel Get So Rich?

We, of course, already knew how Charlie Carrel got so rich from poker. Comedian Katherine Ryan found out for herself in this bit for Channel 4.

What he plans to do with that richness? Change the world, of course. Smart guy, that Charlie Carrel.

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