Cole South goes north for $800k on FTP

Gus Hansen
The target?

Cole South has been grinding the high stakes games on Full Tilt for the past couple weeks and he was finally rewarded in a big way last night.

One of the most respected CardRunners instructors, South put in some serious time last night at the $200/$400 PLO tables with the likes of Gus Hansen, Rafi "howitfeelslike" Amit, Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond, sunra18 and Chau Giang.

South, who came up through the online poker ranks as CTS, seemed to have Hansen's number in the games and took numerous pots worth over $100,000 from the Great Dane.

In the biggest hand of the session, which actually ranked as the 12th biggest pot of the year, South flopped two-pair against Hansen's pair of aces. To rub salt in the wound South rivered the nut-flush to emphatically earn the checkmark and the $446,583 pot.

Over the past couple of days South has profited approximately $800,000 from the high stakes PLO games on Full Tilt.

South is perhaps a testament to how popular PLO has become over the last few years. When South joined Cardrunners several years ago his bio suggested he was just learning the game. Now he is winning $500,000 pots.

Meanwhile, if there was any ever doubt as to the level of Hansen's degeneracy, the last few weeks on Full Tilt have erased it. Hansen has played almost every day at the highest stakes available and although he's still sitting on a small profit, the swings have been huge.

Check below for a couple of the biggest South hands in the PokerListings hand-replayer:

Gus Hansen goes south.

Score one for Gus Hansen

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