Breaking: Claims Process Opens for Absolute Poker Balances


In a blockbuster statement released today, the acting US State Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced the claims process has opened for victims of Absolute Poker.

One of the three major online poker sites that was shut down and had its principals indicted by the US Department of Justice in April 2011, Absolute Poker is the only one yet to begin compensation of its players.

That changed today when acting Attorney Joon H. Kim announced the Garden City Group, which processed claims for Full Tilt Poker players, has been retained to oversee the process of reimbursing players affected.

The DoJ concluded that 'players of Absolute Poker who were unable to recover their funds from Absolute Poker are similarly situated to the eligible victims of Full Tilt Poker' and will be reimbursed by forfeited funds.

Remission Deadline: June 9, 2017

If you are one of the affected players the claims process is open now via You have until June 9, 2017 to submit your claim which will then be vetted by a the appointed administrator with the Garden City Group.


To qualify for a payment you must have:

  • Deposited funds into an account with Absolute Poker.
  • Your account with Absolute Poker must reflect a last known account balance of greater than $0.00

If you agree with the Account Balance you find displayed through the online filing process, you do not have to submit documentation.

If you do dispute the balance, you are required to submit supporting documentation.

Absolute Tournament Dollars, Step Tickets, Loyalty Points, Event Dollars etc. will not be refunded. For more on how to submit a claim and what you might be eligible for, check the GCG FAQ here.

The Garden City Group also administrated the claims process for Full Tilt Poker which has returned over $118 million to US FTP players. GCG received 53,220 claims and have paid 44,320.

UltimateBet Funds Included Too?

While partner site UltimateBet, which shared the Cereus network with AP, isn't mentioned in the official release from the DoJ, poker players who have already submitted a claim have reported their UB balances are accounted for:

It's unclear at this point if there is enough money in the forfeited funds to refund all balances in full or for a certain percentage on the dollar.

For more info and to file a claim, visit

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