Cates, Tollerene Join Stacked $100k All-Star Showdown

Daniel Cates
G is for w00ki3z.

An already-stacked field for tomorrow's $100k All Star Showdown on PokerStars just got even tougher with the addition of Dan Cates and Ben Tollerene.

Two of the best No-Limit Hold'em players in the world, Cates (who plays on PokerStars under the alias w00ki3z) and Tollerene (who plays as Ben86) round out the 8-man field led by Isaac Haxton and Phil Galfond.

Also in the field announced yesterday are Alex 'Kanu7' Millar, Benjamin 'Sauce123' Sulsky, Tobias 'KTPOKP' Kuder and Alexander 'Sussie Smith' Roumeliotis.

Isildur1 Inspired

The inaugural All-Star Showdown is set to kick off tomorrow on PokerStars at 6 pm CET (noon ET) and will play out similar to the now-defunct Isildur1 SuperStar Showdown.

Action will be across four heads-up tables at once. Each player starts with 1,000 big blinds and play will go until one player is broke.

Isaac Haxton
Isildur 2.0

If the 3,000-hand threshold is reached, the blinds will double and play will continue.

Buy-in is $100,000 apiece and over $500k will go to the winner.

Match-ups and schedule are as follows:

  • 27 October: Tobias 'KTPOKP' Kuder vs Benjamin 'Sauce123' Sulsky
  • 28 October: Alex 'Kanu7' Millar vs Isaac 'IkeHaxton' Haxton
  • 30 October: Alexander 'Sussie Smith' Roumeliotis vs Dan 'w00ki3z.' Cates
  • 31 October: Phil 'mrsweets28' Galfond vs Ben 'ben86' Tollerene


  • 2 November: Semi-final 1 (Saturday v Sunday)
  • 3 November: Semi-final 2 (Tuesday v Wednesday)


  • 4 November: The All Star Showdown final

Haxton, Galfond Marquee Names But No Soft Spots

Ben Tollerene
Ben "Ben86" Tollerene

While newly minted PokerStars Team Online pro Haxton and high-stakes legend Galfond may be the most familiar names, none of the participants is a slouch by any means.

Cates may be the next most notabls as he earned his rep battling Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom at the nosebleed stakes on the old Full Tilt Poker as Jungleman12.

One of the biggest winners ever online, Cates reportedly ran his FTP bankroll up to $6 million before Black Friday.

Tollerene and Sulsky are also very familiar names to online railbirds as they consistently step up against the biggest names in the nosebleed games.

Millar is a heads-up crusher who battled Isildur in the Superstar Showown and Russian Roumeliotis has several notable heads-up scores to his credit.

Kuder is the most unknown of the group but can usually be seen battling at the highest-stakes on PokerStars as well.

Fans looking to rail the action can find it via the All-Star Showdown banner in the PokerStars lobby.

One fan who has a vested interest in the matches? Renowned poker agitator Tony G., who has his money behind Cates:

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