California poker players gathering in October

Mike Caro will be the keynote speaker and emcee for the California Poker Players Conference.

California is, arguably, recognized as a mecca of the poker world. With more poker tables than any other spot in the United States (spread out among about 100 rooms) and major events in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose almost monthly, it's only natural that it would be a location for players to come together to learn more about the game.

An event just a few weeks away will offer not only a chance to learn from some of the best minds in the game but also an opportunity to put those lessons to use.

The First Annual California Poker Players Conference is set for Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, Calif., Oct. 20 and 21. It will be held in conjunction with Hollywood Park's National Championships of Poker, which will run from Oct. 17 to 28, and will feature several vendors who will put their wares up for sale.

The highlight of the 12 days of poker will be the conference, however, and judging by the list of speakers scheduled to attend, it should yield great insights into the game as well as a first look at what players can expect for the 2008 World Series of Poker.

The emcee and keynote speaker of the event will be "The Mad Genius of Poker," Mike Caro, whose writings and thoughts on the game are as relevant today as when he first wrote his seminal tome The Book of Tells over two decades ago.

Joining him on the dais will be Commissioner of the World Series of Poker Jeffrey Pollack, who will be there to offer conference attendees a look at what to expect for the 2008 WSOP.

The leader of the Poker Players Alliance, John Pappas, will be on hand to explore the political side of the poker world and should garner a great deal of attention from those in attendance eager to learn more about the UIGEA and the many other legal and regulatory issues facing poker.

Other featured speakers include one of the foremost writers in the poker world, Lou Krieger; the publisher of Poker Player, Stan Sludikoff; and professional poker players including Hall of Famer Barbara Enright, Vince Burgio, Tony Guerrera, Susie Isaacs, Marsha Waggoner and Charlie Shoten.

The two-day conference is $180, but there is an "early bird" registration available that takes 10% off of that fee. The information - strategic and otherwise - that will be on offer from some of the keenest minds in poker will make this conference more than worth the price of admission. Along with that, the opportunity to play in the National Championships of Poker at Hollywood Park will enable poker players to put their new knowledge into practice.

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